APPROVED: Village Master Plan

Gallery of renderings outlining the approved Silvertip Area Structure Plan.


APPROVED: Conference


APPROVED: Amenities and Experiences



Affordable housing for all employees.

Since the inception of the initial masterplan, Stone Creek has always planned for affordable housing to accommodate all employees. The project currently has approval for the construction of 850 residential units, which will help to not only attract quality employees to the resort, but also contribute to a higher quality of life for residents and be used to accommodate any construction workers who need residence. 


proposed amendment: Gondola

Proposed gondola line highlighted in blue


Stone Creek is proposing the addition of a five-star gondola experience to its overall Village plan to facilitate accessibility to an upper mountain experience for visitors and ease of movement to and from the resort for employees. 


proposed amendment: Casino Room

Casino Room

Silvertip is seeking an amendment to its approved Area Structure Plan (ASP) to allow for the addition of a casino room at the resort.  The casino room would be located below grade and occupy roughly 1-2% of the overall resort.  The casino room would be one of many other amenities at the resort available for guests, but a necessary means for securing financing for the project.

Exploratory discussions are currently underway with the regulatory bodies which strictly regulate all 24 casinos in Alberta.